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About the Author

Anthony Linick was born in Los Angeles in 1938 and educated in the city’s schools, including Alexander Hamilton High School. In 1955 he entered the University of California at Los Angeles where, majoring in history, he completed his BA in 1959 and his PhD. five years later. While still an undergraduate he began work on the little magazine Nomad (1959-1962) – which he co-edited with Donald Factor. This background also contributed to his choice of doctoral dissertation topic, A History of the American Literary Avant-Garde Since World War II.

In 1964 he and Dorothy were married in Los Angeles and the following year they moved to East Lansing, Michigan, where Anthony took up a post as Professor of Humanities at Michigan State University. He taught a variety of courses in Western Civilization, literature and contemporary culture here, and published a number of articles on popular culture topics, American and British. Indeed, the Linicks began to spend more and more time in England, including a sabbatical year begun in 1979; in 1981 they moved to London.

Here Anthony began a twenty-year teaching career at the American School in London, in St. John’s Wood, offering many courses, first in the high school social studies department and then in the English department – where he served as department head from 1994 to 2002, the year he retired. Dorothy also worked at the American School as a special projects coordinator; she had also held the post of director of student services at the American College in London. She died in July, 2007.

Since his retirement Anthony has been at work on a number of writing projects, including four volumes in the Dog People of Paddington Rec cycle, Strictly Come Barking, Have I Got Dogs For You!, DSI: Dog Scene Investigation and A Doggy Day in London Town – as well as The Lives of Ingolf Dahl, a biography of his stepfather, and A Walker’s Alphabet, Adventures on the long-distance footpaths of Great Britain. All of these books are available from the publisher at Authorhouse.com or Authorhouse.co.uk or from any of the other online booksellers. The author can be contacted via the Contact Page link at the top of the page..